An simple action can bring you more 10-50% income

Hi there,

Have you ever imagined that only one simple action can bring you more 10-50% income? 

What is the deal? 

My name is Bella, the sales manager of the Artigwall company, founded in 2016, which is well known as the top online brand of artificial boxwood market in North America.

 We designed and created the world’s first wind resistant boxwood hedge wall this year. 

hedge wall ultra

We started a campaign this year to extend offline business in North America.

Our plan is to recruit partners who have a local store in each city in the US.

Hold on, This is NOT a traditional reseller business!

Because you do not need to spend money.

We will put a sample in your store, and give you a website for free.

Your customers who are interested in our products can view and check the sample in your store and place orders online by visiting the site we give you(you can write down the web address on a paper sticking on the sample).

Meanwhile we give you a never-dead coupon code to promote the products on the website.

You do not need to maintain the website, we will do it.

and you have the benefits below:

  • Free Inventory management.We already stock a lot of inventories for you in the local USA, After placing orders, we will deal with the deliveries, you don’t need to participate in any processing steps.
  • Free before-sale service. We have a professional customer service team to help you deal with before-sale consulting.
  • Free after-sale service. Also we have a professional after-sale service team to help you to do it.
  • No need to deal with deliveries.
  • Meanwhile, we will make deliveries according to your orders, and provide the tracking information to your customers and clients.

Yes, you don’t need to do anything except promote the sample products in your store.

Do not worry about the place, our products are 48″ in width and 14″ in deep. They can even decorate your store and help you promote your products such as balloons and other party supplies. 

You get the commission fee from the orders coming from the website we give you for free.

Meanwhile, we promise:

  • What you get is 10% of the amount from all orders on the website, no matter whether the orders are from you or not, or come from google search or other channels recommendation. That is to say, anyone from any channel comes to the website, as long as he(she) places orders, you will get 10% funds.
  • The repeat orders amount, also will be accounted for. That means, all customers from this website, second, third, forth, one hundredth times orders, all sales income, will be accounted for!
  • Order amount comes from customers’ recommendations also would be accounted for. This means, your income will be exponential growth. What is exponential growth? Here is an example: 2, 4,16, 256…
  • Any returned order amount will not be deducted in the income. No matter if there is a return order or not, your income will not be deducted.
  • All website’s advertising and maintenance fees will be afforded by our company.
  • All reseller prices are same on the reseller website.
  • All reseller prices are lower than the official public published price.
  • We make a settlement once a week.
  • You have the rights to sell your reseller business to others.
  • Your reseller qualification will not be cancelled during this 10 years.

“How much can I get?”

Each of our online orders amount is 1900$ USD in March 2022. 

You can calculate the money by the orders you help achieve.

“How do I see all the order information?”

We will give you an account, you can see all the information of the orders from all customers, and in any period. 

You can check each order if someone you know placed it on the website.

You have no chance to lose anything.

If you are interested in, you can reply this email directly if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have a local store in any city in the US.
  • Your shop has been open for over 12 months.
  • You agree with our company philosophy(Always improve our customers’ life by providing great products and service).
  • You promise you never leak and sell any information from the website we give you.