Artigwall Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Planter Box 48″W


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Using this top quality boxwood panels will make the hedge look premium.

Features of this boxwood panel:

  • [DURABLE&STURDY]This artificial boxwood hedge in planter wall is made of only two materials, stainless steel and plastic. We design it as a long lifespan product. 20 years warranty lifespan for indoor and >5 years for outdoor.
  • [DOUBLE RUST-PROOF] The base of the hedge is made of stainless steel which is powder coated, and it is packed well.
  • [UV RESISTANT] Boxwood PE materials with SGS certificate The boxwood of the hedge is UV resistant and almost no fading outside in 3 years.

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  • [EASY ASSEMBLY] Easily Assemble in About 15 minutes, and disassembling is also very easy.
  • [REALISTIC LOOKING] The detail of the boxwood leaves is very realistic and beautiful.
  • [INDOOR&OUTDOOR] The boxwood has passed SGS test, so it is safe and can be used both for indoor and outdoor.
  • [ALL SEASON] Adaptive temperature :-98℉~212℉. So it adapt to any season, even in the dead of winter. And it is water proof also.

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Item size 48″HX48″WX14″D 64″HX48″WX14″D 79″HX48″WX14″D 96″HX48″WX14″D
Item weight 53lb 70lb 80lb 94lb
Package box QTY 1 2 2 3
Box1 size/weight 48.8″X32.3″X6.3″/55lb 48.8″X32.3″X6.3″/55lb 48.8″X32.3″X6.3″/55lb 48.8″X32.3″X6.3″/55lb
Box2 size/weight × 46.1″X17.7″X4.7″/17.4lb 46.1″X31.5″X4.7″/26.6lb 46.1″X31.5″X4.7″/26.6lb
Box3 size/weight × × × 46.1″X17.7″X4.7″/17.4lb
Greenery panel material New grade PE
Planter box material 201 stainless steel + Powder coated
Support frame material 201 stainless steel
Item certificates UV protected test/Fire Proof Test Report/SGS Report
Item lifespan indoor 15-20 years/outdoor 3-5 years
UV protect Yes
Water proof Yes
Fire proof Yes
Drainage system Built-in drainage structure
Optional accessories Need to buy separately or make a selection before add to cart
Water bag size 44″WX15″HX12″D
Water bag volume 110L
Water bag net weight 4lb
Water bag package size 26″X8″X4″
Water bag package weight 5.8lb
Water bag working temperature “-20°C-70°C(-4°F-158°F)
Wheels size M8X3.15″HX Φ1.97″
With Brake Yes
Wheel capacity (4 per pack ) 265lb
Wheels net weight (4 per pack) 1.32lb
Wheels package size (4 per pack) 6″ X 4.5″ X 3.5″
Wheels package weight (4 per pack) 1.74lb
Level of Assembly Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required Yes
Additional Tools Required (Not Included) All Tools Included
Commercial Warranty No
Product Warranty Yes
Full or Limited Warranty Limited
Warranty period (In a non-acid base environment) indoor 15-20years/outdoor 3-5 years(according to using environment)
For boxwood and frame, 3 years outdoor 5 years indoor.
For planter box, 5 years outdoor and 8 years indoor, click image below to get details



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