Reseller Policy

At present, we have two kinds of resellers: Traditional reseller and online reseller.

Traditional reseller

Way of cooperation:

1. Sign a contract.

When the reseller places the offline order, need to negotiate and sign a contract, then pay the deposit in advance.

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2. Enter production process.

 Production would be started totally according to the contract. We will prepare all raw materials required according to the contract and make schedule for the production.

3.Confirm finished order and products, pay for the balance.

After production process, we will enter confirmation process. Photos or(and) short videos would be provided by email for reseller to pay the rest balance. We will also confirm with you the destination port again during this process.

 4.Start shipping.

After receiving the rest balance, we will book the ship space through our shipping broker and confirm the sailing schedule with reseller.

Then ship the cargo from our factory to the departure port as scheduled. Most of our cargo are departed from Shanghai or Shenzhen ports. But the actual departure port might be different according to the final destination.

5.Cargo tracking.

After the sail started, we will keep track it with our broker and update with reseller if there is any update. Meantime, we will provide all information and documents required for doing custom clearance at your destination port.

6.Pick up the cargo.

After the cargo arrive the destination port, reseller need to do custom clearance and arrange to pick up cargo from the port. If you prefer us to provide to door service from your destination port to your door, please let us know in advance when sign the contract.

7.Check and count cargo.

Check and count cargo when they arrive to you, including quantity, volume, and any damages duo to transportation. Keep communicating with us if there is any issue.

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Online reseller.

Way of cooperation:

1. The reseller applies for reseller account online.
2. Awaiting our manual approval to active your account.
3. The reseller logs in the account to place an order. (At that time, reseller will get prices with special discounts through the dashboard.)
4. The order would be shipped from our warehouses in USA to reseller’s shipping address.

Comparison of two modes: 

Traditional dealer


  • High profit
  • Strong inventory control
  • Customizable,  OEM.


  • Occupy warehousing and funds.
  • Longer order cycle time.You need to place an order more than two months in advance (the special period may be longer), prepare for warehousing, pick up the goods, and deliver the goods to the customers by yourself.

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Online dealer


  • No storage fund is required, online virtual inventory mode.
  • Place order whenever and wherever. Place orders at any time without handling pick-up and delivery. Your clients and customers will receive their order within 1 week.(Due to covid-19 or holiday peak season, the actual delivery time might be longer.)


  • Lower profit and uncontrollable inventory.
  • Products cannot be customized