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Share product links, when people buy, you get money.

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All orders, forever

Get revenue from All the orders of the sites associated with you, no matter how orders come.

Passive income built in!

Passive income means, some day you do nothing, you still get money. You can get money when you sleep or travel around the world if the websites can automatically gain customers. That’s not difficult, just let Google or someone do it. Or you can let your local stores help you promote the site if you can share revenue with them. 

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The world most easy reseller job!

If you had ever been a traditional reseller, you should know that you need a lot of money to invest, you should rent a warehouse to store goods you spent a lot of money on. You have a big risk if you can not sell them out. You may go bankrupt!

Furthermore, you need to deal with everything about the business, such as pre-sale service, after-sale service, shipping, manage people and so on.

Join us, The benefits:

What have we already do for you?

Ship goods into warehouse

We produce and ship products into warehouses in US by sea. All of related fees will be afforded by our company.

Pre-sale services

We do pre-sale services on all websites through Email or other tools on site.

Ship products to customers

Once your customers place orders, we deal with the order and ship them immediately, customers can track orders according to the information which the systems send to them.

After-sale services

Customers won't interrupt you for the after-sale issues. We will serve them.

Control storage amount

We will spend time and money to maintenance and adjust the amount of goods in stock, it's a hard and expensive work! Fortunately you do not do this.

manage everything of websites

Huge heavy creating and maintenance work from all of the website need to do, including web service, creating, designing, writing, photographing, pricing, technology, stocking management and so on. You no need to do!

help you make money

How we can help you

Artigwall partner team will help you start your business, find your advantage and superiority, let you focus on them. Furthermore, we will teach you how to expand your business and enlarge your strengths. So you can make more and more money.

Already 3 ways to start your business

Your first job is to find the best choice for you to start. Once confirmed, you should focus on it. After you succeed on one way, you can join in another way to spread your strengths!

What's our advantage?

  1. Market leader in relevant market place
  2. Great customer value(>2000$)
  3. Strong capacity of producing
  4. Professional team on designing, producing, cooperating.

Who we are?

artigwall logo
Our company established in the year 2016 in China, our brand is Artigwall. We are the leader of boxwood hedge wall product in North America. We had sold out more than 100,000 boxwood hedge walls. We designed and produced the world’s first wind-resistant boxwood hedge wall, we have a lot of returning customers.


  • The reseller price is same on the reseller website.
  • The reseller price is lower than official public published price.
  • We make settlement once a week.
  • you are able to check all of your orders’ information and status on the website at any time.
  • You have the rights to sell your reseller business to others.
  • Your membership fee can be fully refunded in 3 moths, meanwhile, you can keep your income from the website associated with you.
  • You reseller qualification will not be cancelled during at least 10 years.
membership fee recycle

Earn your membership fee in 1 week

Earning your membership fee back is very easy if you do right things as we teach you.

Because of the great customer value, you can earn membership fee back in 1 orders.

The results are different, depending on your strategy and resource.

The MOST important thing is, you should stick your goals and keep doing, especially in first 3 months.

Only Doing RIGHT things can make money, learn more about course.

How to cooperate

team to make money

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